Host a node start screen

One to laugh at but could be worth a small change …

On the ‘’ start page I took the requirements a being a bulleted list and just clicked the ‘continue’ button. It told me ‘We’re sorry, your hardware doesn’t meet the minimum requirements.’ so I went away and sulked!

Luckily I came back a few days later and realised that theye were questions that I had to accknowledge with a tick before clicking continue. (silly me)

It needs a ‘tick all that apply’ instruction to make it fool proof. :wink:

Making user click each checkbox individually would motivate them to read each requirement (hopefully).

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True, but not quite what I mean … I was thinking a change in text to make it clear that I had to tick the boxes (I initially thought they were bullets)

Maybe a yes/no for each line or a ‘tick all that apply’ instruction.

Also the button could be greyed out until they have been checked.

Do you mean something like this?

Also like the idea of greyed out “continue” button.

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thumbs up a picture paints a 1000 words :wink:

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I am not a big fan of having only :heart: icon to express ALLLLL my emotions towards a post :slight_smile: :+1: