Hosted S3 endpoint EU endpoint is in USA?

I did a reverse IP on the S3 endpoint URIs. US was located in New Jersey and AP was in Singapore as generally expected. However, EU was ALSO located in New Jersey. Is there a plan to host an endpoint in Europe?

The IP location database you are using is not accurate. If you traceroute the IP, the packets route to France/Germany (from my location in the UK):


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As @Stob already mentioned, the IP address space we own is currently being geolocated into the US for the EU1 endpoints. However we will be using this IP globally using BGP fairly soon and thus you will be located to the closest gateway automatically. Similarily as to how and are served to you.

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Is there a timeline for this change?

Which change specifically? the switch to the globally used IP addresses? Or are you referring to the change of locality?

BGP support for the endpoints

I’m following up on this!

I’ve been testing the upload process with users, and we’ve seen regions are pretty slow.

  • What is the timeline to set up BGP?
  • Could Storj additional more regions to the multi-tenant S3 gateways? The regions I’d like are Japan, India, Brazil.
  • A nice to have, would be a USA west coast region too. From fiber in Palo Alto, I’m capped out at 15MB/s upload.
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BGP is set up!,, are BGP-using IP addresses that currently span Toronto, Canada and Frankfurt, Germany. We are working on a west coast location in Los Angeles to add as we speak. Additional locations will be added as demand needs.


Will the existing Singapore gateway be added To BGP?

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+1, an Asia gateway would be really helpful for our expected user distribution. Singapore would work great.

I will take this back to the product team, but any additional feedback you can provide us about expected utilization, demand, etc., would be great. I actually am not sure is even in Singapore right now. Could you maybe drop me a note ( with a bit more info about what you’re doing and what volume you’re considering so I can make sure that’s considered?

May i ask what commands you are using to upload? 15MB/s is not too bad if you are doing a single put without multipart/concurrency.