Hosting a static Website with Storj and use Handshake Domains by

I followed the guide “Host a Static Website with the Uplink CLI and Linksharing Service” to link Storj objectstorage with a handshake domain by I changed all the needed DNS-settings. This doesn’t seem to work. I get an error message “Malformed request. Please try again.”. Is it even possible to link a handshake domain and Storj for hosting a static website?

Hello @TUS ,
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You need to create these records in your DNS registration (please use your values), i.e.:

tus    		IN	CNAME
txt-tus 	IN	TXT  	storj-root:my-bucket/site
txt-tus 	IN	TXT  	storj-access:asgdbdhfhtnuf6rurj

then should take index.html from sj://my-bucket/site/index.html

@Alexey. Thanks for the reply. I already followed the manual. This does not work. Did you manage to get handshake domains to work with Storj?

There is no specific instruction for this DNS registrar, all others work correctly.
Please note, the txt-something records with type TXT are mandatory.
Could you please give me your domain or try to use this command:

dig TXT

It answers:
test.brunodesign. 3600 IN CNAME

With another DNS-Server it doesn’t resolve right. I think that the Fingertip resolver or/and the namebase resolvers don’t work as aspected because they are blockchain-domains.

This is mean, that your domain doesn’t have TXT records. It should have these ones in the domain

test 	 	IN 	CNAME
txt-test 	IN	TXT  	storj-root:<bucket/prefix>
txt-test 	IN	TXT  	storj-access:<access key>

But it maybe could work for the root too

test.brunodesign.		IN 	CNAME
txt-test.brunodesign. 	IN	TXT  	storj-root:<bucket/prefix>
txt-test.brunodesign. 	IN	TXT  	storj-access:<access key>

Thanks for the reply. I think, that there isn’t a workaround as long as blockchain-domains aren’t resolved natively in browsers or operating systems right now.