Hosting Multiple Nodes - 1 System - Multiple Failover IPs?


I am thinking about renting a dedicated server with x4 2TB disks and host 4 nodes , 1 per each disk.

I can have multiple failover IPs so it will be 1 node on the main ip and 3 nodes on 3 failover ips.

I am wondering if I that setup will be possible, and also if each node will get full traffic as if it is running on a seperate subnet and seperate machine?

Just for clarification: Each ip wil be on a different /24 subnet, and the 4 ips will be running on one server with Debian 10 OS.

Yes it is absolutly posible, 1 problem External IP cost money. So you will be in not profit for some time.

… and the dedicated server will cost money too. I can’t imagine it being profitable. It will take a long time to fill 8TB.

Sorry, but I would check this out - a failover IP can mean something completely different, leaving you with only 1 active IP address at a time…

If you are paying $$ for something, check that the public IP’s you are being provided with are routable - are bound to your host ? If this on a single network interface ? or will the host be presented with multiple interfaces ?

See if they will let you know which blocks the IP’s are in - no point being in a subnet will loads of other Storj nodes, as it will impact your traffic.

If this is a virtual private server, enquire on the IOPS caps, network caps, CPU caps - some vendors will up the spec, but in the very small print it will limit you (they don’t really want you at 100% cpu / disk usage after all, or sharing TB’s of data )

OS is down to you, Debian is fine, or Ubuntu 20.04.03 LTS is also a good stable release - both can run the same packages.

I would use Docker, but I am bias - you can have those nodes up and running in a matter of seconds, once you have the identity.

Keep in mind, you might have a firewall put infront of the server for you, so don’t forget to open the Storj ports for your nodes :slight_smile:

… But buying a server is expensive, not sure how that will pay for itself in my view, unless you are getting it around $1 a month…


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I will get dedicated server from here, it has x4 2TB disks and I can have up to 16 failover ips but I need to pay 1.5$ setup fee per ip

This will never be profitable. The amount you pay for the server is about what you can expect with 8TB stored data. Until you get 8TB (maybe in a year) you’ll lose money and then you’ll just get as much as you pay for your server.

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