Hostname + IP for node stability


I run few nodes, and just to prevent cut off’s because of ISP IP change, i’m using dynamic dns service. But this time it was even worst as the technical problems occurs at the end of dynamic dns provider. So all nodes went down :frowning: also it have affected zabbix monitoring system that uses also host names instead of public IP’s.

At the client end in the zabbix configuration, there is a possibility to put more then one zabbix server addresses separated by comas. Haven’t used this before, but now i’ve put hostname of the zabbix server as well as IP address. So the client will accept connections from both hostname and IP address (in the case dynamic dns service will fail).

I suggest to add similar functionality to the node so the SNO’s can provide hostnames as well as IP’s and prevent node to going down if the dynamic dns service having issues with the resolving the host names.

P.S. If the 5 hour/month offline limit was still in the action, ALL my nodes after this night would be disqualified just because of dynamic dns service technical problems. While now they all probably screwed up their reputation :expressionless:

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My idea is to get rid of the ddns service completely:

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Your ideas even better!

P.S. a bit confused, whats the point of having this forum and ??? Would be much easier to have everything in one place. Instead of here, there and somewhere else…

STUN Protocol


Session Traversal Utilities for NAT (STUN) is a protocol that serves
as a tool for other protocols in dealing with Network Address
Translator (NAT) traversal. It can be used by an endpoint to
determine the IP address and port allocated to it by a NAT. It can
also be used to check connectivity between two endpoints, and as a
keep-alive protocol to maintain NAT bindings. STUN works with many
existing NATs, and does not require any special behavior from them.

and public STUN servers