How an empty S3 bucket can make your AWS bill explode


Heh, that’s interesting how people are not really that different – multiple unrelated people came up with the same default bucket name…

(All my buckets names are GUIDs, because naming things is hard… )

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In my eyes Storj made a similar mistake and opened such potential hole.

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Nope. We do not charge for PUT requests. And all buckets are private by default. We even do not have a concept of public buckets, you need to use a linkshare service to get a similar needed behavior (i.e. the bucket content will be available publicly, but not the bucket itself): Creating Public Buckets and Embedding Content - Storj Docs

So, you cannot physically get the same results. To have a bucket PUT’able, you need either give explicit S3 credentials/access grant or generate a presigned URL, which is not default.

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