How and where to enable / find rsync details for my Storj account?

I have a Synology NAS and wish to setup frequent automated backups to Storj bucket. I can find the rsync feature on my NAS but I’m not sure how to setup it up to sync to my Storj account.

@KrossBladeX Did you specifically want to use rsync?

I dont need rsync specifically. I just need a reliable way to back up my NAS. And what is Tardigrade? I understand that that previous post says to use Custom S3 setup for Hyperbackup, but I’ve already tried that and it doesn’t work (unable to connect to Storj)

Hi @KrossBladeX , you may try Rclone integration.

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Hello @KrossBladeX ,
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To make Hyper Backup work you need to provide your Access Key, Secret Key and endpoint.
Could you please show your configuration page (you may mask your Access Key and Secret Key)?

Perfect. I had to choose Custom S3 on HyperBackup and input the Storj generated S3 credentials to make it work.

Now the problem is, it creates a backups in .hbk file format and Storj does not allow me to download the folders. I have to individually go into each folder and click on single files to download. How can I download the folders directly?

You need to setup Cyberduck - Storj DCS Docs or FileZilla - Storj DCS Docs or Rclone - Storj DCS Docs or Uplink CLI - Storj DCS Docs
Any of them allows you to download folders.

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Thanks. Everything works perfectly now.