How are estimated earnings calculated?

I have the following:
Grafana earnings for month till today is showing $1,55
Storj month estimates is showing: $1,59 months estimated total is: $3,24

This obviously does not make sense. :face_with_monocle: :thinking:

I believe the lower one is from egress and the other one is that plus your GB*h/month (i am not completely sure but from my dashboard that’s how it looks you can probably get a more accurate answer from a pro like @alexy or one of the others)

$1,60 now. :rofl:
Still way off given the fact that today is the 15th.

That low one is probably just ingress only im not certain but made it look like it works this way (the higher one includes GB*h/month

Now my actual earnings show $1,61 while expected earnings is at $1,59. Still it mid of June only. The data seems not correct.

you need to take into account your ‘held back’ amount. the expecting earnings, takes into account the held back.


I simply look at the numbers so far divided by the number of seconds passed in the current month and multiply by the total number of seconds this month (this differs because of different number of days per month).

It does not take into account growth that might happen during the rest of the month, since that’s going to be hard to predict anyway.

I’m pretty sure the dashboard now does it in a similar way. They used to only look at full days, which made the estimate jump all over the place. I previously created an issue on github for that and this has been resolved. They look at minutes now, which is close enough.

But I think I actually found the difference. While I have this estimate before taking held amounts into account, the dashboard shows the estimate after subtraction of held amounts. Based on the numbers, I’m guessing your node is in a 50% held amount month. Which should explain why the dashboard shows about half of the number.

Edit: Whoops, @ItsHass already caught that.

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Interesting. Aren’t held back amounts part of the total earnings?

So for younger nodes the estimates figure could be grossly off. For older nodes with held back moving to zero the amount will become more accurate.

To be fair they call it estimated payout, not earnings. Though that too can be confusing as on L1 there likely won’t be a payout most months.

Either way, it’s not inaccurate, it just shows something different.

I am pulling it from the API and there it is called currentMonthExpectations. Oh well…

I checked in the multinode under payout, there it says under Balance:

Current Month Estimated Earnings

The terminology Storj uses seems not consistent. I’d prefer ‘payout’ for the salary what you will get paid and ‘earnings’ for the total.

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