How can i change my storj without paying with eth?

I am trying to swap my storj but all the pages i have seen want only eth and i dont have eth im starting with my node and i have never swap coins i tried to swap it at uniswap because i had some eth and i paid 0.49$ but now it ask another time to pay and i dont have more eth


The ETH is required in any case, because underlaying network for any ERC20 token, include STORJ, is Ethereum.
Miners of Ethereum want accept only ETH.
You can exchange STORJ on centralized exchanges without ETH, but you need to have ETH to move your tokens from the wallet to the exchange.
Also, you can use an instant exchanges like Changelly, but you still need ETH to send your tokens to them.

You will always need ETH to move your STORJ. If I understood it correctly (it was difficult to read without any punctuation), you had some ETH. What happened to that?

BTW: I wouldn’t swap such low amounts of STORJ. The fees will wipe out a big portion of that. I checked a few days ago and anything below $80 or $90 worth of STORJ took about 30% off in fees.

ok i will wait to have more storj but i lost my eth and i dont received the storj changed into eth because uniswap is asking me to pay another time for the swap and now i dont have eth because i spent them on swapping but i didnt received them

hi send me your address and i will send you some eth

have you given up?