How can i delete a non empty bucket?


I try to delete a non empty bucket

root@tardigrade:~# ./uplink_linux_amd64 rb sj://s3testtest
2020-01-12T09:00:19.572Z INFO Configuration loaded from: /root/.local/share/storj/uplink/config.yaml
2020-01-12T09:00:19.718Z FATAL Unrecoverable error {“error”: “bucket not empty: s3testtest”}

Is it easy posible to delete?

~/go/bin/uplink ls --recursive sj://BUCKET/ | tr -s ' '| cut -f5- -d' ' | xargs -n1 -P32 -d'\n' -iNAME ~/go/bin/uplink --client.dial-timeout 10s --client.request-timeout 10s rm sj://BUCKET/NAME

Replace BUCKET with your bucket name