How can i use zkSync?

Hello i want know how can i check if i am in the zkSync? I use Exodus wallet but it’s not compatible so i use Metamask with the same recovery phrase of Exodus it can work? and where would the payment go, to exodus to metamask or both.

Just import Your exodus private key into MetaMask and you’re ready to go

I’m not sure it is online yet can some one from official storj confirm?? @Alexey or anyone.

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You can test it for free: Test zkSync with TestSTORJ token

The payments would go to L2. As long as exodus doesn’t support L2 you would have to open MetaMask. If you want to sell the token you can send them to any exchange directly or you could also send it to L1 in which case exodus would display it.


Then with putting the ethereum wallet (it is the same in exodus and metamask) would it go to the L2 wallet? And if that is already done once the payment is sent to the L2 wallet, could you pass it directly to an exchange without paying ethereum commission? ty for your help


zkSync would allow that but currently paying the transaction fee in STORJ is disabled. I have a few usefull queries listed here: Test zkSync with TestSTORJ token - #18 by littleskunk

With that you can check if we continue with worst case or best case fee at the end of this month.

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And how does the algorithm or whatever it is that sends the payments to where the payment has to send (L1 or L2) knows

You mean how the satellite knows? You would have to opt in to zkSync. How that works will be included in the v1.22.2 changelog.