How do I move my storage node onto a new hard disk? how long to wait before I can graceful exit?

Hey folks, I recently set up my storage node but I want to change harddrive the data is saved on. Is there anyway to do so, without taking the node down?

Furthermore I wanted to ask, what’s the timespan I have to wait after I started my node, in order to do a graceful exit.

As I know graceful exit can make after 6 months after node start, but it can be oven more.
you can take rclone and make sync, then make second time sync, and then stop node and make last time sync. then change hdd and all working.

Use this link: How do I migrate my node to a new device? | Storj Docs

I used it to move everything onto another hard drive temporarily whilst I reformatted to the proper file type then moved it all back. Was far simpler than I thought it would be and had no issues!


Okay, thanks I will try it!

the title of this is way off…
you want to migrate not graceful exit.
a graceful exit is the end process of a node, when it leaves the network without being disqualified.
and is done to get the remaining held amount paid out.


I could only add - you can receive a final payout on L1 only if it clear a Minimum Payout Threshold on Ethereum.
However, you can opt-in for zkSync or Polygon to make it happen in the next payout.

But in general - the Graceful Exit is a one way ticket.

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