How do I start my dashboard?

Hello I’m a total noob when it comes down to this stuff I don’t even know how to run the command in docker “-p 14002:14002” so any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

That’s the very simple answer. If you want to access it from a different system than the node system itself, but in the same network, you need to change that parameter in the run command for your node to exactly what you mentioned.

The url would then be the local IP of your node, something like:

Instructions here:

If you want to access it outside your network:

Says could not connect to server

That link would have worked only on the node itself, I added more info to me previous post for other scenarios.

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Hello I am returning to this thread to ask how I would run the command to access my dashboard from another network. Thanks!

What about the instructions I linked to with that last link was unclear?

I’m unsure how to run this command in docker
-p 14002:14002 to access my node from another network.

Stop and remove the container and add it to all the other options in the docker command.

You must on the docker run command line change
:point_right:t2: -p \ :point_left:t2:


👉🏻       -p 14002:14002 \

And open the port on the router for externals

It is not recommended to open this port directly to the open internet. Yes, it will make it easy to see the dashboard, but since there is no authentication it means anyone can see your dashboard and it is now an open attack vector.

The instructions linked by BrightSilence give instructions on how to create a secure SSH tunnel to access the dashboard remotely, which is a safe way to do so. Using a vpn to connect to your internal network would also work.


Oh, I didn’t know that. Thanks for the info.

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