How do I start my node? I have CGNAT and ngrok now I am totally confused what's next

Can someone help me step by step? I’m stuck with ngrok.
When I run the Storj GUI it doesn’t show.

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Can you tell us more on what is not being shown ? Do you see any error messages?


So, I have a dynamic IP address with my ISP. which is Converge here in the Philippines. I heard they use CGNAT.

I am having trouble port forwarding. Not sure if my router allows me to. Though I’ve downloaded ngrok and I created a domain using no-ip.

I’m really confused like hell.

Hi @avllrl
Are you running your node through docker?

Hello @avllrl,
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If you have only free ngrok account, then please, consider to use the instead.
ngrok on the free account will provide you a dynamic hostname with random port. So, every time when you will run the ngrok, you should update your port mapping and the external address (ADDRESS option) in the docker run command:

In case of your hostname and port will be static and can be used directly in your configuration. You even do not need a DDNS hostname from no-ip


So I switched to

I installed the openvpn software, created a configuration and mapping rules on the website.

The software on my PC says connected.
I checked netstat and it says is listening.

I downloaded the storj GUI and no, I am not using docker.

What next?

Check your external address and port on, place your external address, which is given by to the Remote Address field and your external port to the Port Number field then click Check.