How do I stop sharing a file/folder using uplink?

“I want to share myfile1.”

uplink share --url sj://my-bucket/myfile13

“Whoops, my finger slipped.”

How to fix this?


you can revoke access with
uplink revoke <access>


Or if you are running out of your door and not have access for CLI you can login to your Dashboard and then revorke it from you “access list” :slight_smile:

I still don’t know how to share a folder or generate a folder share link on storj network? Can Storj not make it simple like adding a GUI feature on folder share too?

In the object storage there is no folders, there are prefixes (part of the object’s name separated by /) and they are part of the name of the object (key), but could be interpreted almost as folders.

You need to install uplink and share the “folder” like this:

uplink share --url "sj://my-bucket/My favorite folder/"

Everyone, who would have a generated link could see all objects prefixed by "My favorite folder/" in your bucket sj://my-bucket.

If you want to add a feature request for the Objects browser, please, place it there: DCS feature requests - voting - Storj Community Forum (official)