How do I sync my google drive files to storj

Dear storj,
My google drive space is almost full. That’s why I want to transfer my files and folders to storj cloud from G-drive. But I don’t know how to do it!

Hi @Mason36,
Storj DCS isn’t designed as a direct replacement for Google Drive. It’s suitable for developers to create their version of Google Drive and to then store multiple customers data in Storj. For customer facing services which use Storj as the backend you could look at or similar.

If you really want to use Storj DCS directly then you could look at the [Testers Needed] Experimental Backup App or connecting with FileZilla Native Integration - Storj DCS


Or you can look for S3 compatible software that lets you enter custom server details and use the s3 compatible gateway. I use S3 compatible backup software that comes with Synology NAS systems and it works just fine.