[Testers Needed] Experimental Backup App

The Labs team is developing an experimental backup app to test more native use cases for Storj. We would love to get early feedback from select community members on the user experience, and help finding bugs.

For anyone who is interested in participating we are asking you apply via this form. Selected applications will receive an invite to a testing Slack channel and an access URL.



I just have applied to have a look at it.
I think such an application would be useful.

But we also still need some Dropbox like provider.

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I agree. You should sign up the Slik Safe beta. We are actively working with partners to get more Dropbox like apps out.


This looks really interesting, I will check it out. Still suggesting to reach out to https://www.opacity.io/ as they are actively integrating Sia as optional storage backend and there is no reason why they should not integrate Storj as option as well.

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This seems to work quite well already. Uploading was a bit slow.
I am just wondering are these files stored on Storj or on IPFS or both? Because I get displayed a IPFS link for download. Could that be the reason why it upload is slow?

Hmmmm. Download does not seem to work.

Where are you located? They one support one gateway right now.

Iā€™m located in Germany.