How do you backup your storj buckets?

For anyone using Storj as primary storage, where do you backup your data and how? Storj is of course resilient but even if I used AWS as primary storage, I’d keep any important data on another service as well.

For backing up Storj, AWS glacier seems attractive since I’d likely never access the data again.

Has anyone implemented any Storj to anything else backup strategy?

I don’t see a reason for that. Storj is already my plan C.

Plan A is syncthing with 3 machines. That protects me against any kind of hardware failure. If 1 or 2 machines die at the same time I can replace them and resync my important files. Plan A has 2 problems. If my apartment burns down I will most likely lose all 3 copies at the same time. I could setup a remote syncthing instance at my parents house. It is possible. Maybe one day I will do it. The second problem is malware. If one of my systems gets infected and starts to encrypt the files that change will also get synced.

Plan B is again syncthing but installed on a tiny system that is disconnected almost always. So if all of my files will get encrypted I just wipe all the systems I have at home, setup from scratch and repopulate the offline copy. Problem solved. Maybe a few weeks of data loss but that’s fine. I usually update the offline system every time I have important changes.

Plan C is a backup uploaded to storj. It is very unlikely that I will ever need it.


Storj is hot storage, it’s very expensive to use it as a backup destination.

So, my data stored in the hot storage (that includes Storj, iCloud and Box) gets synced to a local host, and that local copy is backed up with versioning to AWS Glacier Deep Archive (cold storage).

I can imagine it’s possible to skip the local copy (but I want it anyway for other uses) and backup rclone-mounted view of the bucket with a third party backup tools (that can handle archival storage, not all do)