How does Operator Planned downtime work?

I just set up my first node last Saturday, after looking at the calculator I realized fast upload is important so I called around and found a faster ISP (I’ve been looking for an excuse to get faster internet anyway). I seen that we have a maximum downtime of 5 hours so I am a little worried that since ill have to setup the firewall rules what if it takes longer than 5 hours to get it all working again? then I started wondering what would happen if my ISP goes out for 3 days or something. How strict is that “5 hour downtime/month” rule?

Planned downtime is not yet implemented.
Regarding the 5 hour/month allowed downtime - it has been implemented and then revoked, Storj team is rethinking it at the moment. Monitor this link: Design draft: New way to measure SN uptimes
Personally I think 5 hours is too strict for home hosting.

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