How does the value of Storj coin go up?

How does the value of Storj coin go up? What can you do about that?

Our primary job as a company is to create an enterprise-grade, decentralized storage network that can provide the storage layer for the decentralized internet. By enabling broad growth in both users and SNOs, we think we create long-term value in the network.

With regard to the token: First, it’s important to note that STORJ is a utility token and not a coin.

Second, our role with regard to tokens is to provide transparency and good governance around the token, and to take reasonable steps to ensure liquidity (i.e. that there are lots of exchanges where people can buy and sell tokens.) We have also taken steps with our long term token lockup to improve predictability around supply.

We don’t think that it is appropriate for Storj, Inc. to predict the price or STORJ or directly change the price of STORJ. But, we work diligently to increase demand for the network as a whole.


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