How Exactly Does Storj Work with Plex

Hey all, I’m a novice coder (watch me butcher jargon) trying to build a Storj backend to my Plex Media Server/Library. I mean, is Storj the “server” in this case? I’ve been using the Storj Docs with some success. But the docs didn’t answer my main question: will Storj allow remote access to my Plex Library even when my host computer is off?

Additional Details: I use an iOS app called Prologue which serves as a (beautiful) front-end UI for my Plex Library. But it will not sync data unless my host computer (i.e. the computer which Plex uses to sync/store my files) is on and connected to WiFi. I’m using a Dell running Windows 11 and Rclone to host/upload files on Storj. I don’t really understand virtual hardware like Rclone. Does Rclone need to be mounted whenever I want to interact with my Plex Library in Storj, or will Storj provide me with access to Plex Library at all times so long as I have my login info?

Thanks guys

Hi @luke

No, Storj is the storage for your files. Your host computer is the Plex server.

Yes. The Rclone mount connects your Plex server to the files in Storj, without the mount the Plex Library has no files.

The files are still in Storj and can be accessed directly, but you will not have access through Plex or Prologue if the Plex server is turned off or the Rclone not mounted.


Hey, thanks for replying. That’s unfortunate regarding the server’s accessibility relying on the state of the computer. The docs say Rclone only needs to be mounted when making changes to Plex’s library (i.e. uploading files, changing data, etc). I took this to mean that Storj allowed for remote media access 24/7. I guess that would require a distributed computer rather than a distributed cloud. Anyway, it doesn’t seem worth the effort now to use Storj in this instance. I’m eager to use Storj but I want it too be something I’d actually use. Most of my cloud server needs are well taken care of, but I bet something will pop up. Thanks again.

It allows access your files 24/7. But to access streaming from your Plex, you need to run the Plex server during this time.

The alternative could be just use a satellite web ui to watch your videos (if your browser can play uploaded format).
Or generate a link sharing URLs and add them to VLC.

Does PLEX constantly access the info and how does this work as far as usage charges for STORJ? Lets say the video you are accessing is 1gb. Also PLEX server scans for changes if its doing that does it count as ingress/egress ?etc?

Plex only scans and it wont just keep using data less you use plex to watch what is stored on storj.

Any idea what kind of ‘usage’ we would be talking about if you use it to watch or listen to a song?

Well whatever size you upload a file it will have to download the same amount back for streaming.