How hard is this to setup? HELP please

OK, so I feel my topic title is a fair reflection of how I’m feeling right now…

Two days ago I finally freed up some space on my server and about two years ago I had planned to dedicate storage space and become a node operator.

My first attempt whent OK, left the server overnight, got my identity verified with a 2, 3. Everything was looking great until it wasn’t. I can’t even remember the exact reason now, it seems so long ago!

Now to worry (I thought), I’ll just cheat reinstall and copy my .certs over - ~/.local/share/storj/identity/storagenode except I couldn’t find this directory, so I created it myself and then I was getting the bind error bind source path does not exist: /root/.local/share/storj/identity/storagenode/

Yesterday I decided I’d already wasted enough time trying to shortcut this installation, I’ll just have to bite the bullet and reinstall everything properly with no shortcuts.

Last night it was on difficulty 35 at around six hundred million keys, this morning it tells me it had ‘exited’ and if I rerun it again, it instantly dumps out instantly with ‘exited’.

What do I have to do!!! I must of made at least 10 installations by now of Debian 10… I’m getting a tad fed up, please help

Hello @T4LLGUY ,
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You doesn’t need to create an empty directory for identity, it will be created automatically during identity generation. The end location (folder) will match the service name in the

identity create <service name>


identity create storagenode

will produce 4 files in ~/.local/share/storj/identity/storagenode

This is due the fact that you run your docker container with sudo, so the user would be root, not your user, thus they are different locations. You need to specify the absolute path to identity location (not ~/.local/share/storj/identity/storagenode but /home/t4llguy/.local/share/storj/identity/storagenode). However it’s recommended to move identity after authorization to the data location, for example to /mnt/storj/storagenode1/identity (if your disk is mounted to /mnt/storj) and use this path instead.

Please copy the whole message as a text between two new lines with three backticks, like this:

put error text here

Thanks for your quick reply Alexey, OK… so my previous attempt(s) at this, I’ve so many “what if’s” and “questions” buzzing around in my head. BUT I started a fresh install again yesterday so I won’t let these previous thoughts confuse matters.

I’m afraid I cannot copy the exact messages (of previous installs) as I do not have them anymore, just my poor memories!!

I’ll screen record you a quick video…

Streamable Video link

What can I do now please?

OK… so it looks like Alexey has given up on me already ;-D

Look, I’m trying my best here… I don’t know much about Linux, I try to learn but my memory isn’t great… I do my best and when I’m stuck or outta ideas I ask for help.

Alexey mentioned in his first post that I was using a root account that causes an issue, so without any future replies I’m reading between the lines and trying to fix my own problem.

My first glitch, sudo was not installed in newly installed Debian 10, so I just installed that. My second glitch, my user account isn’t on the sudoers list file. Surely I DON’T want to add my user account onto the sudo list because then won’t that make my user account a root account?

As previously stated, I don’t know and I need help please

Glitch1 - ss1-sudo-not-found
Glitch2 - ss2-surely-we-dont-want-to-grant-sudo-to-user

I’ll just wait for a reply then, thanks.

Maybe you better install Openmediavault, it’s built on Debian, most of the settings can be selected in its web dashboard …
There are a lot of videos on how to configure it … e.g. how to install Docker …

Thanks for your reply Peem, lol, yes maybe… however I’ve had this in the back of my mind for the last two years, I really wanna give it a go…

EDIT : More to the point, am I right in thinking that I don’t want to add a user into the sudoers list? Also WTF is going on with the identity just exiting out like that?

Then, as Alexey asked:

Thank-you once again Peem for your reply.

Streamable Video Link

(I have no error text, as you will see from the video, it’s just dumps straight back out with ‘exited’)

tmux new

Where’s that from ???

Have you read the documentation ??? There is no “tmux”

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Clearly not, thanks for pointing me in the right direction…

Of course I’ve read the documentation… just went it was left running overnight, then it exited out, then I hit the up arrow key for the last typed command (and I didn’t realise until now it was that which was wrong)

Thank-you for pointing me in the right direction… OK, round three at creating a frig’in identity… I’ll leave this thread open, no doubt I’ll still need help. Thanks

Not sure why you ran with “tmux new” But creating an identity is super easy on windows and you should just start it there and then transfer it over to the vm though winscp Also you should be using the most powerful system you have to speed up the process.

I kept a backup of my very first identity two files, just don’t know what/where to put them?

It doesnt really matter where you put the idenity files your just pointing docker to which ever folder, and you should have 6 files not 2, So you did something wrong there, remember you also need to authorize it before you can actually use it anyways. If you read the documents it goes step by step for each thing you cannot skip any steps.

Well yes, maybe I had more but I only backuped up the two .cert files… I’m re-running this now, it’s at 80 million odd keys at difficulty 35 so shouldn’t be too much longer? Thanks for your reply

I cannot answer for this because when I first ran it on my 32core thread ripper I could get it in 15mins now depending on the system your running it on it can take from 1 hour to days… Depends on the system and your luck really.

LOL… well i’m incredibly unlucky, so see you next week :rofl:

Also looks like the minimal diff is 36 so you have a ways to go yet.

Approx 160’odd million keys from own own previous experience (nearly at 90 now)

my cpu just ryzen 5 it takes just 30mins to get 36 difficulty…

Just because you get to diff 36 doesn’t mean you will find a key at 36…