How i can see my logs on GUI win10?

And if someone can tell me why my node today its too low.

Low numbers seems like a common issue - there are other recent threads with similar stats inc my 3 nodes. :frowning:
They’ve all fallen of a cliff recently …

Love to know what the adoption of Tardigrade is - starting to worry me to be honest and Storj don’t seem to publish anything … ? :thinking:

Storj isn’t mining so you can’t expect a regular flow of traffic.

It’s not an issue at all, just lower traffic on the network right now. It’ll fluctuate over time, that’s perfectly normal.

Agreed - ‘issue’ is the wrong choice of word.

But the lack of apparent demand is …
Hence some Tardigrade customer onboarding stats would be useful to give some confidence there is some demand building


Sure some transparency would be great, but keep in mind, we’re only in month 2 after release. It takes time to onboard customers, especially the bigger ones.

cat “$env:programfiles/storj/storage node/storagenode.log” -tail 50 -wait