How it works video suggestions

Great to see the video on Decentralized Cloud Storage | Storj DCS streaming from Storj DCS.
2 things:

  1. I am having a lot of buffering right now, which is not good for showcasing the network.
  2. Below the video there is the notice ‘Video streaming from Storj DCS’, why not linking this to videos | Storj DCS so that a potential user can see the actual distribution by himself?

I also have a lot of Buffering for this Video. I guess it mostly belongs on your distance to the Location of the Sattelite? I change the DCS1 to EU1 in the Link to Force the Server that im Streaming this from to an EU Server and i get a at least better speed. Still not fast but better.

The video has been replaced by an embedded Youtube video. It seems there were too many problems with streaming from Storj DCS directly.

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Just noted that streaming via different satellites is possible with that videos and gives different performance results:

Storj Final.mp4 | Storj DCS

Storj Final.mp4 | Storj DCS

Storj Final.mp4 | Storj DCS

As the video has been removed from the site, it should be possible to add it again but stream from the satellite that offers the best performance for the users, using some sort of geo detection.