We’re excited to share that @GetTribeSocial has moved their entire storage infrastructure to #StorjDCS

Sounds so nice: https://twitter.com/storj/status/1455234053477707780
Tribe Social Storage is now 100% Decentralized (with Storj) - YouTube

According to the video, this sample video is already decentralized: https://beta.tribesocial.io/Storj-Demo/330

And it streams quite well. However with settings set to HD quality and 2x speed, there is a lot of annoying constant buffering. It is similar to what has been reported here already.
So maybe a better distribution is required or better satellite selection to get better performance for viewers outside of the US.


Great video showing a good use case.

Sadly the beta website and demo link don’t load for me at present.

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Same. Will let them know. Thanks!

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Hey, Bruce here from TribeSocial. Thanks for letting me know… It’s actually just a staging environment, so SSL wasn’t setup.

this link will work:


Appreciate the feedback! I hadn’t tried it at 2x speed, but that’s a good use case we can test!


This does look like an issue with the player rather than file streaming… @ 2x speed the buffer and playback get out of sync.

We’re using video.js for this, but will work to tweak it a bit for this edge case.


The http link worked for me.

I’m working on a dodgy public wifi at the moment but was able to stream both the 360p and 720p videos without issue on all speeds up to 2x without buffering problems. The 1080p struggled with the bandwidth at anything above 0.75x so can’t comment on that.

Welcome to the forum @brucevz !
Thank you for the link.

Hey, great to have you here. All SNOs are probably very excited for when your customers start uploading en masse to the Storj DCS backend.

Performancewise there is an additional thing and I am not sure if you are aware of this or if there is a chance to consider it.
From what I have seen you are using https://link.us1.storjshare.io/ to serve the assets. However for performance it makes a huge difference where the viewer is located.
Depending on his location serving from https://link.ap1.storjshare.io/ or https://link.eu1.storjshare.io/ gives a far better performance.

I am located in the EU and I am just streaming one of your videos through eu1 and have no buffering at all. When using us1 or ap1 I have frequent buffering even at regular speeds.

So maybe you have a way to determine the geo location of a viewer and serve them from the nearest regional satellite link. We had envisioned such an idea with a proxy previously: