How long does it take for the browser dashboard to reflect on data uploaded through golang libuplink?

So I have uploaded a file using libuplink (Golang) and so far (more than 10 mins) now, I can’t see the file being reflected on my Storj dashboard. Though, if I upload a file through browser, I can immediately see it.

Also, if I refresh the objects page, the file inside my bucket tends to disappear from the dashboard.

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It could take around 24 hours.


Hi, do you talk about the statistics page or about the files in the object browser?

You should use exactly the same encryption key to see the files/keys. Files uploaded with different encryption keys could not be visible.

You can try “uplink ls --insecure” to see all the files uploaded with different encryption key, but you will see only encrypted key names…


That makes sense. Probably using different encryption key in the objects tab is why I am not able to see the files.

Gotta read the docs :sweat_smile:


Perhaps you mean

uplink ls --encrypted