How long does it take to repair?

A few months ago, I transferred a node from a damaged file system to a new one, and lost several dozen files.

Since then, the value of Audit has decreased to 98-99% on different satellites, and has not returned back to 100%. How long does it usually take to wait for the audit to become 100% again?

It won’t go back to 100%. Lost pieces aren’t repaired on your node. Segments with low availability are repaired to other nodes. All you can hope for is that data loss wasn’t significant enough to get you disqualified. But you can say goodbye to those neat 100% numbers.


Thanks for answer.
If my node will grow 10x times, it Audit score should be about 99.99% Is’t it?
I think it is way to increase reputation.

Sure. My point was that there isn’t something that repairs missing pieces on your node. Some segments may be deleted by customers as well. And yes you can lower the share of missing data by getting more data. It’s just that there will likely always be some missing pieces.

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An option you have if you have more disk space is to reduce the node’s allocation to absolute minimum (500 GB) to stop it from growing and limit the loss in case of potential disqualification, and next to it create a new node with fresh state. Whether it’s beneficial to you or not depends on the actual numbers (size of the node, amount of disk space you still want to dedicate to nodes, the dynamics of the audit score).

I think this is possible since over time files are deleted.
In any case I think that if you can fix the problem that is causing loss then eventually scores do improve.

I don’t know if this is true but I think that if an audit fails, the piece is “removed” at the satellite Then this makes a real slow repair.

End result is that it does repair in the end. Or else DQ

As far as I’m aware, this is not the case. It wouldn’t do any good anyway, because only the tiniest fraction of pieces is ever audited. That process is not meant to fix anything, just to determine whether specific nodes can be trusted to hold and serve data reliably. It makes decisions on a per node level, not per piece.

So yeah, there are some things that could get rid of some of the missing pieces, but almost certainly there will always be pieces missing because there is no process that systematically cleans up those missing pieces. So I agree that scores may improve, but I don’t see them go back to 100%.

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