How long to start earning a profit?

So out of curiosity, how long does it take to start earning profit running a storage node. I understand that you want to vet my site as a storage node, but at the same time, I’m vetting Storj to see if it’s worth the time and effort. I’ve been running since Sunday morning, I have a 1G fiber internet, 3T of storage, and right now it says my expected payout is $0.03, before the hold back.

Is this a worthwhile system to run, or not.

Look here for an answer:

Thanks, that gives me a lot better idea what to expect. I fired up a 3TB node just to evaluate the system and see if it was worth investing any money in hardware. From your examples, it shows with 28TB online and a 1G connection, you can expect $450 total at the end of the year. I’m not sure that would even cover power let alone provide a return on investment on the hardware. I’ll probably let the system run for awhile and see how it all play out (since the computer will be online anyway). If the revenue doesn’t come up, the system will come down :frowning: .


Hello :slight_smile: as a relative new SNO myself - node(s) been running now for 8-9 months, I can simply say there is very limited / small profit here if you have to purchase anything from my experience.

Also, while the cost estimator is a good guide, it is important that you remember that it is only one illustration based on information from the past, and that the network is heavily dependent on Storjs efforts to attract new customers, and how they develop the solution - I would say only invest, what you can afford to loose :slight_smile:

If you have a spare machine kicking around, it’s a fun project to run - there’s loads to learn and this really is a nice community to chat with, but again this isn’t crypto mining so there is no get rich quick scheme here - Again I based that on my 1st node, that didn’t really start making anything until month 6 when the held back amount % changes, and also my data was being downloaded more for repair, but again we are only talking ~ $1 - looking at that node today in it’s 9th Month it’s projecting a pay-out of $3.80 on 1.5TB stored with a rough 50/50 split between disk usage and download.

Very good, but you can easily get away with 25/10 internet link - the more important thing is you’re link latency - how long it takes a piece of information to get from your machine to the ISP core - in my view sub 50ms is ok, but ideally sub 10ms is the good spot :slight_smile: you can make that better by having decent network kit, not using wifi or power extenders, and having a good ISP.

Finally, disk type and the way you connect it is really important - it doesn’t really matter when your node is new as you only have a few GB’s of data, but as that grows you can start to get some horrible disk issues going on with USB controllers, or drive type CMR vs SMR, or even the filesystem you choose to use.

Anyway, if your machine is on 24/7 give the node a try, and as you say it doesn’t work just take it down, the network is resilient enough to manage :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I’m a network engineer (Manager, Global Network Operations) for a large corp. When ATT started 1G fiber, I just had to have it :slight_smile: Running a quad core i5 server on linux as my personal email server, so I had the machine. Just added some SATA 3 drives to the system and installed docker… If the system is cost effective, I’ll spin up something bigger with more storage, but I can’t see investing a lot of cash until I know it will eventually pay for itself… Time will tell.

Thanks for the responses.

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Me, too, as soon as ATT offered the 1Gbps I bought the option with no cap. I started with Storj and added a few new HDDs (first a 10TiB then a few 14TiB). They have already paid for themselves.

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You doesn’t need to have a powerful machine to start a node, see Running node on OpenWRT router?