How many people here (SNO's) would contribute to a community satellite

Please reply here as i have a test network and i am ready to try and distribute some of its services

Once i find some nodes then i plan to let people run a copy of my satellite to help it be a distributed group of services (so say one of my services went down then one of the copies will start up )

The info is it working if so please post I would like to know if nodes can join my current setup if not there is a config parameter I may need to edit



What is your plan for payments?

To start with i plan on testing no egress
Ingress only and then the money made from ads will be paid to SNO’s it may sound silly but i will give it a go i got the idea from a community member that sujested it and also maybe use nodes to store data unrelated to my website (video hosting) to store real customer data not just vids and they will be paying something (unsure how much will test and tinker)

As a storage node operator, I have to warn you, that I will untrust your satellite as soon as you use too many resources for too little revenue. Otherwise, I am happy to join your satellite and give it a try.

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This is understood i plan to store tiny amounts of data to perfect the site then once the site is working better i can then use more and pay more but originally it will be unpaid while i test


But not much needs to be tested i just need to know where the info regarding how much each node holds is
And add some more ads on the site
Is the sites url it currently has vids on us1

That is fine for me. I will support potential future revenue sources for free to some degree.

In the satellite DB in the accounting table.

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Postgres or redis db
I think Alexey said postgres but i thought it uses redis for accounting and stuff

Also thankyou @littleskunk

The Redis DB is used for caching customer limits. If you take the Redis DB offline the customers will not be limited anymore. Everything else will run fine. If you bring the Redis DB online again it will rebuild the cache and continue working as if nothing has happened. So it is just a dump caching solution.

The Postgres DB is where all the magic happens.

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Ok cool i found and learned how to open read and even back up the postgres one i just wasn’t sure what table i will look into to this soon
Because i saw many tables and for days looked and looked but didn’t find the one

How about creating a separate section for satellite operators? There all information regarding running a satellite could be gathered.


I think he wants me to document the process @jammerdan as there is little documentation this may be why but there is a satellite operators section i think maybe just satellite but idk
Esp scince I’m on an rpi which has a few of its own issues

I think maybe the reason that they don’t have much documentation is that it is a lot of work for a realitively unused feature but it would be cool

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Also @littleskunk i checked for accounting table and only saw accounting_rollup and it’s empty
AND table_name = ‘accounting_rollups’;
table_catalog | table_schema | table_name | column_name | ordinal_position | co
lumn_default | is_nullable | data_type | character_maximum_length | character_oc
tet_length | numeric_precision | numeric_precision_radix | numeric_scale | datet
ime_precision | interval_type | interval_precision | character_set_catalog | cha
racter_set_schema | character_set_name | collation_catalog | collation_schema |
collation_name | domain_catalog | domain_schema | domain_name | udt_catalog | ud
t_schema | udt_name | scope_catalog | scope_schema | scope_name | maximum_cardin
ality | dtd_identifier | is_self_referencing | is_identity | identity_generation
| identity_start | identity_increment | identity_maximum | identity_minimum | i
dentity_cycle | is_generated | generation_expression | is_updatable
(0 rows)

It is a rollup. You will have to run your satellite for a few days before you will find something in that table.

I think a separate satellite section would be a good place to put together all sort of information regarding running a satellite. It would be easier to find and follow topics if they are not spreaded over multiple places and various threads.
Also it would be a good place for potential satellite operators including you to present and discuss their business model to and with interested node operators.

It‘s possible to run a satellite on a raspberry pi?

Not at scale, no. But a small test net works on fairly basic hardware.

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Yes but i recommend not to run every service on one (I plan to distribute each service it needs )

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It has been with its10 storagenodes
Running and the nodes have data

Uploading: Screenshot_20220628-030700.png…
This is node 0

I like your idea and i’ll contribute as well.
I’ll throw in some of my EU fibernodes, just ping me if you need my support.

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