How much bandwidth is being used for your nodes on average?

I only have around 80mbps down and 5 mbps on my network. Since I use the internet in the house, I can probably only dedicate half of that for actual use by my node. Will this cause problems? Also, does Storj use all the available bandwidth, or does it use only half of the available bandwidth?

For the past month or so I’ve been getting a sustained 30 Mbps ingress (i.e. download to me) total across a few fully vetted nodes sharing the same WAN connection.

Well ive seen a total of 250Mbit peaks between 40 to 60 sustained, About 230gigs per day, It will use how ever much bandwidth there is it doesn’t care.

My current avg/max is currently 30/60 down, and 5/17 up. It’ll use as much as it can unless you implement something to traffic shape it on your own. It will most likely cause you problems unless you do this.

so you have less than what is recmmended to run a node, more what is minimum?
there are no limits in the application It will take whatever bw you have. atm its not a problem as its mostly upload. but I don’t expect you win a lot of download requests w 5 mbit up

Would it be useful to say write a script to increase the speed of the internet at night when no one is using it?

That would be a nice strategy. You can approach it this way with scheduled hard limits. Or you can run QoS to set priority to your other home devices.