How much can you get for rent nodes?

After launching V3, I can’t find any information on what the reward is for the volume and traffic of the leased nodes.

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This One?

Hello @SDmitryS,
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We are in the beta stage, the prices are the same as specified here:

Regarding the estimator - don’t forget, it’s estimator for the full usage of your resources, which could be achieved hopefully in the production.
This is not like a mining, space and bandwidth are used by real people, so no predictable income. For that reason do not buy anything with purpose only for Storj, use only what you have now and desirable what is online already, like a NAS, home server, mining station, and so on.
Or at least use the raspberry pi 3/4 as a low power consumption solution.

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As an alternative, the Odroid HC2 is not much more expensive than a Pi and has built-in SATA with 1Gbps Ethernet that can actually be saturated (it uses USB3 instead of USB2). With the Pi you need an additional USB-SATA bridge. By the time you add in the extra components, the HC2 is about the same price and performs the task much better. The first node I deployed is running on an HC2 and it works beautifully.

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