How much space i should dedicate for storj nodeon 10TB HDD? + about "lost+found" directory

  1. on the HDD is writen “10TB”, but “lsblk” shows “sda 9,1T” (HDD is gpt ext4 formated, i use ubuntu 22.04 LTS). How much space should i dedicate for storj node in docker command, if “lost+found”, i think, will use some space too (i dont knew how much can it use- its first time i thinking about “lost+found”)?
  2. do i need “lost+found” on storj space at all? Can i somehow remowe it? How, if “yes”? Is it safe to remove “lost+found” at all?

If this is a fresh drive, reformat it taking advantage of On tuning ext4 for storage nodes, you’ll save a few bytes.

By official recommendations you should take the number your file system reports (i.e. 9.1TB), divide by 11 and multiply by 10, so that a full node will still leave 10% of disk space free. That would mean 8.2 TB. Unofficially, you can go a little further if you are careful. The amount you allocate can be changed at any time.

It is safe to remove lost+found if you have nothing important there. But even if you remove it, ext4 will recreate it at some point. Don’t bother.

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This is TiB. Storj uses TB. You can easily assign 9TB.