How much space your node takes up?

I want to make a statistic and see how many space (%) the hard disk is using for your storj node.
If you want to share it, just post it on this thread.
My storj node is using 0.7 TB from 15 TB allocated.
Thanks to all!

Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda1        17T   12T  5.1T  70% /storj

That’s the virtual drive on the storj VM. The server has a lot more space.

I am not clear on your question - are you asking how much Storj drives are filled or how much space Storj requires?

In my case, I have one 40 GB SDD used for the Ubuntu OS (plus docker, etc) and three HDDs dedicated only for Storj and each HDD is a single storage node.
Storage Node 1 is 10 TB and 99.9% full
Storage Node 2 is 14 TB and 15% full
Storage Node 3 is 14 TB and 0.1% full but still going through vetting
Each HDD also includes 1 TB set aside as required for things like garbage collection.
The 40 GB SDD is using 10 GB for the OS, home and docker/Storj stuff

10.8 TB data storj’ed
out of something like 22-24tb and will expand it when it gets close to that point…
6.25GB trash

not sure why it is so low… maybe because i got plenty of IO… but really no clue… seem low compared to what i would have expected, from seeing what many others write they have…

900 Gb used on a 1Tb disk, I keep some overhead just in case. I just bought a 8Tb HDD that will go in my node and should hopefully fill up reasonably fast given that I’m already vetted and on the network for ~2 months.

Used 1.25TB
Free 444.31GB
Trash 108.44GB

The disk is 4TB, but I didn’t know that an MBR partition can’t be bigger than 2TB. Duh…
Currently in the process of migrating 4 4TB disks to RAID5. Remaining space is currently used for Burst HD mining. Not profitable.

Raspberry Pi 3B+, 1.5TB / 1.8 TB
Windows Docker node, 998GB / 1.0 TB
Windows GUI node, 6.72TB / 7.0 TB