How much storage space?

So I am using a 16TB drive for my node. When I setup my node I put 14TB as my available storage space.

Linux reports the following:

df -h reports: 15T
lsblk reports 14.6T

What should I have really put? Also, is there a way to change it?

I’m not worried about assigning less space, the drive isn’t used for anything else so I’m just offering it all up. I also have 2x 8TB drives waiting to be used as additional nodes after this one is full if it may be.

I’ve been running it for ~2.5h now and it’s just about at 3GB used and constantly writing. Where that’ll stop I don’t know.

As for the drive dying, what happens if I do have a drive failure?

HDD’s tend to die slowly. Keep an eye on SMART. If bad sectors pop up, move data to another drive. If drive dies, you loose the node.

Is there a proper way to move data to another drive or would you just use the mv command?

There is a “proper” way.
Sorry, I don’t know where the instructions are now but a simple web search will help you.

Check the official docs. I used robocopy, and took me about 5 days for 4TB, moving from a PC to a Synology NAS. But if you want the fastest way, you can clone the drive, after a drive check, to repair any fs errors. Keep in mind that there are millions of small files, so using the standard copy commands takes a lot of time. Cloning is the fastest if you keep the filesystem type and the same machine.

Here’s it.

How do I migrate my node to a new device? - Storj Node Operator Docs