How often do satellites query for audits in a 24 hour period

I have a ? and don’t know were to ask it so here it is, how often do satellites query for audits in a 24 hour period.

it depend from how many data you have from this sattelite, and how many data satelite have at all.
more you have more audits, if sattelite have very much data in all global, then less audits as it has some max audits protsessing power also.

so that would mean that to copy paste 3.6TB from a full drive to 14TB new drive would get me Dq’d for sure since it could take more than 24 hours since saltlake and europenorth account for more than 85% percent of the data stored, thanks

as i know there is no DQ for downtime now yet. And also you can use rsync, it takes much more time, but it make online. First time make online, second time make online, and third time make offline, then it take litle time for offline.

from what I have researched rsync doesn’t work under Mac OS. and down time does not count but failed audits will

If rsync is not available, try
I used it to move my node, too.

If you are offline there are no audits, so not possible to fail.
While copying your old drive stays online and once both are in sync you shutdown you node make last sync which will be very quick and then edit your startup command to use the new drive.

I have to ask, are you sure rsync doesn’t work on osx? I’ve done it many times.

What error are you getting?

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when you made the suggestion I was confident that it was only for linux but after some research I found out different, and yesterday that drive stopped working so 3.5 tb of data gone. thanks tho

Really sorry to hear that. If you have another drive and you want to give some data recovery a try - crack a beer and i’ll try to walk ya through it. There’s certainly no guarantees though.

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I started new node 16 hours and it has not received any audits here is more info

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The new node should receive some data to be audited.
If no data there is nothing to audit.

it has received 18 GB of data in over 16 hours and what does unknown mean

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