How often does a satellite do an audit?

how often does a satellite do an audit?

Audits are completely random you can’t predict when it happens each satellite audits at different times.

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And node will be vetted when they get 100 successful audits on each satellite?

Correct which takes a month or more.

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Well there is no strict schedule for it of course. But we can speak of average values.
If think currently normal situation is about 2-4 audits each day per satellite basis with random timing?
And this frequency of audits does not depend on how much data node is storing?

Im almost 100% sure its not based on the amount of data is stored, I have a node that has received more audits with less data then the one with more data, Audits per day aren’t always the same this is completely random. You can’t predict it if you could you people would try to get around it somehow.

In my case, in logs i see that audit is made every 61 min from 4 satellites :slight_smile:

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