How Tardigrade compares

You compare on the website with Amazon S3.


  • Storage : 0.01$ per GB per month
  • Download: 0.045$ per GB

Amazon S3

  • Storage: 0.021$ per month
  • Download: you don’t compare

What about those storage prices?

S3 Glacier Deep Archive ** - For long-term data archiving that is accessed once or twice in a year and can be restored within 12 hours
All Storage / Month $0.00099 per GB

Could you offer a Produkt like “Clacier Deep Archive” for tardigrade users as well?

S3 charges for Requests and Data retrievals is this included in the Tradigrade download price already?

You forget to include data transfer from s3

Data Transfer OUT From Amazon S3 To Internet
Up to 1 GB / Month $0.00 per GB
Next 9.999 TB / Month $0.09 per GB

You can see a full description of pricing model:
How is billing work:


This post might shed more light.


Rather than compete with cold-storage options like Glacier (which low margins for SNOs) we are looking to compete on direct Object Storage Cases where we have a unique and differentiated advantage.