How the compensation for a node is generated?


I would like to know below

  • How and when the compensation for a storage node generated?
  • Which tables in satellite DB are used for generating compensation / payout of storage nodes?
  • Where is the compensation period mentioned in satellite DB? I found a table storagenode_paystubs in the satellite DB. But the data in it is blank for the test network.
  • Couldn’t exactly understood the concept of held amount.

Is there any technical doc for the whole compensation process.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @munjalp ,

Check the Terms of Service section 8


This page has a good explanation of minimum payment thresholds


Thanks for the information. In the test network, will the compensation generated automatically when we run the ‘storj-sim network run’? And will it be automatically be paid out to the particular SNOs wallet?

Or do we have to run a separate service for this?

No, the storj-sim network does not include any facility for billing or invoicing or paying node operators. The Storj network is independent of methods of payment. The satellite operator can collect payment from users and send payment to nodes in USD, BTC, gold bullion, or whatever they want (the whitepaper mentions “live goats” as an option).

The ways that Storj Labs collects and sends payments in STORJ token are mostly proprietary. There is the storjscan utility at GitHub - storj/storjscan, which is one part of a solution; you might want to look at that, but Storj Labs isn’t making any promises about the future of that tool or providing support regarding its use.