How to access browser object bucket?

I am new to the product and still learning it.
I know we have two options uploading files with browser and CLI.

I’ve started with browser. So I went to the Buckets tab, added new bucket, chose passphrase and uploaded file.

How I can get access to the file? If I click on the bucket I got the same screen like at the time I created it.

Should I retype the same passphrase all time? Because that screen little bit confusing it prompts save passphrase all the time. And if I type just random text it opens empty bucket.

And second question if you don’t mind folks.

I go to the Access tab, added new Grant where I selected previously created bucket, type the same passphrase as for bucket and in a result it gives me long string like “key”. Where I want use it?

Thanks for explain in advance.

It depends what kind of access you want.
For example, you can ‘share’ a file. Click on the 3 dots and select share. This produces a permanent link like:
Anyone with that link can now ‘access’ the file via this link sharing service.

You could also use the ‘download’ option from that 3 dots menu. This would produce a link like this:

You can also share a bucket like this: and expose it via that link.

This is because bucket contents are only available with the correct passphrase. If you enter a wrong/non-existent one the bucket displays as empty.

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Also you can read the documentation that covers almost everything. If you still have doubts do update this thread.

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Yes. It’s used to derive encryption keys for your data. If the phrase would be a different you will not see objects uploaded with a previous.

You can configure several tools, available in our documentation and much more tools and different services like Filebase or Fastly, which are not described in our documentation in details.

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wouldn’t be nicer to get an error message instead of an empty bucket in case you enter a wrong password?
oh! and something else guys since it’s relevant: each time you navigate away from a specific bucket and select that bucket again or a different one it keeps asking for the passphrase. Is this intentionally?

thanks in advance

Hello @Kostas,
Welcome to the forum!

This is not a error, you can use a different encryption phrase for each single object, this is by design.
This allow you to have very interesting implementations, like store customers’ data in one bucket but with different prefixes. Each customer will use their own encryption phrase and thus cannot see foreign data, only theirs.

The backend have no knowledge about stored data or your encryption phrase, therefore, it would be extremely difficult to detect the use of a phrase other than “correct”.


Select the bucket and then for each Folder or File right click and make public

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