How to access dashboard of SN in datacenter (Debian Linux)

Hi , one of my node install in Debian and working fine , i just want check my dashboard GUI in public on any outside Lapor computer , please help me


I suggest you to setup a VPN back to your internal network, but otherwise If using a standard port (14002) for GUI dashboard, just make a port forward of that port to your nodes internal IP on the router. While being outside enter your nodes public ip:14002 and you will able to see it.

my node in Data center , i would love to open with IPtable … in debian ?

Same story. Ask data center administrator to make a portforward to your server. Either for direct dashboard, either for VPN.

i think you didn’t get its right … lets see senior member

And I think you didn’t get this right.


This is server not local marching … and i only can use shell with Debian OS server , i know it 100% on IPTABLE relented issue . so im looking Linux admin here to come

If I knew everything 100%, I wouldn’t have to ask anybody on the forums :hugs:


Mr … i said its relented IPTABLE … im not expert in Debian OS and add shell comment … don’t want mess up my current docker and Node should be up and run . so if you dont have idea … its not necessary to respond this thread . thank you

You don’t have to tinker with docker, you just forward a single port to your node’s local IP and I think you have to enable the dashboard in config.yaml

The forwarding however has to be done by your datacenter administrator, since your local IP tables won’t cut it.

In local network the port working … and server always protect by IP TABLE or Firewall … i just wanna add forward locat Port to public … its just one code i should need … but i cant figer it out … i have static IP btw .

If you are in a datacenter, you will need to edit the IP table of the router, not of your node itself.

Of every datacenter ive ever delt with has had almost every single port open already and you have to limit back the ports you want access to the outside world.

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Thank you , yes but now my docker is already running … so i need update it to public … how could i do it ?

to see what is running : docker ps you can add -a to see more
to stop : docker stop -t 300 storagenode
to remove : docker rm storagenode
to see how you started it : history | grep docker
I recommend that you create a script but that is up to you …

could you please give me extract code i should run ? as now node working perffectly … i just all want open to public dashboard

docker run -d --restart unless-stopped --stop-timeout 300 \
    -p 28967:28967 \
    -p \

This is i was run my 1st 3 line … should i run again ? updating exciting code ? or you mean stop docker and run that code again ? or could you please advice me . i don’t want my node to down …

docker run -d --restart unless-stopped --stop-timeout 300 \
    -p 28967:28967 \
    -p 14002:14002 \

One should probably try figuring it out using search before one yells over the forum.

iptables questions… For GNU/Linux specific questions, I’ve found Unix/Linux Stackexchange to be a really good starting point

Hahah can anyone tel me step by step … what i should do … i have perfect run node … i only need open to public …

please dont come with half answer and modification of code … becoz i dont know what i should do runing docker or run again … or stop or remove or …

i like to to see order example

5 Done .
so i can run on shell the code
hope you guys got my point
thank you

Yes i already run watchtower for auto update … its no help doc . but the this port opning case bit scary

I just sent you PM with my

iptables -L  

shell Out put … could you please check ? i didn’t post on public
also for doing this modification will i lost or effect my ruining node reputation ?