How to add Storj over Ploygon on Metamask


I have setup my node to receive the payout over Polygon, how I can add STORJ token on Metamask wallet ?
If I try to Import STORJ on polygon network on my Metamask wallet I can find any:




you need to do something like this… haven’t tried this guide myself, but look look through it and it seems fine.
ofc its always a good idea to verify guides from multiple sources, basically it says you need to add the polygon network first.
i think…

I already have connected Polygon network to my Metamask, as u can see from the pics that I have attached on previous post but I cant import STORJ token on Polygon Network

You can goto Polygon Web Wallet v2 then when your see storj you can add it to metamask.

I can find STORJ token on Polygon Web Wallet v2:

You need to change one of the settings to all polygon tokens.

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