How to allocate full disk space


there are any specific docker command to allocate the full disk space ?
I would like to explain better, I have a 4TB disk that I would like to allocate for a node,
on docker command "-e STORAGE=“4TB” is this a correct value ?
what’s happen when the disk is full there are no more space for trash

Hi, Storj recommends leaving at least 10% free, so in your case, if the formatted disk is 4Tb, 400Mb should be enough. You have to allocate maximum 3.6Tb.


thanks for the info, what’s happen if the trash exceed 10%

It shouldn’t be happening. I have a 7.2Tb disk, assigned 6.5Tb, and at max I had 300Mb of overused

The trash is included to the calculation about used space.
These 10% for the case if we introduce a bug, and node could use all allocated space, so no room for growing databases or orders, in best case you will not be paid for egress and storage usage (because no orders can be saved due to lack of free space), in worst case the node cannot be started again because of no free space on the device.

I would not risk and would leave at least 100GB free, but recommendation is to have free at least 10% of the available space.

You may take the number of free space with binary units (GiB, MiB), i.e.

df -h

and specify it with a decimal units (GB, TB) as an allocated space in the node configuration.
The difference would be roughly 10%.