How to automatically import your Google Photos to Photos+ / Storj

Here is a quick guide on how to automatically import your Google Photos to Photos+ / Storj.

Photos+ is a photo management app similar to Google Photos that works with Storj. You can learn more about Photos+ at

  1. Request a Google Takeout of your Google Photos by visiting

  2. Select Google Photos only for export.

  1. Choose your export location. If you have enough free storage space on Google Drive or Dropbox, select it as the location and the 50GB export size. If you don’t have enough free storage, select “Send download link via email” and the 10GB export size. Please wait until you get an email from Google that your export has been completed.

  1. After signing up for Photos+ and configuring your storj account through the Photos+ iOS/Android apps, sign in to your Photos+ account on your desktop or tablet browser at

  2. Click Import from the main menu

  3. Click Select from Google Drive, Dropbox or Select from Computer depending on where saved your Google Takeout file.

  1. Once our system downloads your file from Google Drive or Dropbox, or it receives it via the upload from your computer, it will parse it and show you the albums and the number of photos and videos it contains.

  2. Confirm the selections and click Start Import to begin the import process.

Your photos and videos will automatically appear in the Library section as they are imported, and you may track the import progress by going back to the Import section.

Thank you.


Thank you for this import guide, we have added it to the Photos+ Integration Guide in our docs.


Hi @photosplusapp and @heunland !
I just discovered Photos+ on my phone and I find this application really badass! :grin: By getting interested in it, I wanted to find a solution that could both automatically import all my photos from Google Photos from my Android phone to Photos+ (1) and therefore have an X storage folder on my Storj account with all my files from my phone transferred into which I can manually import some of these files into a storage folder Y (which syncs and saves my Obsidian vault in markdown format). in this way, I could access and work with photos/videos initially stored on my phone on Obsidian (to a lesser extent because Obsidian does not support large numbers of these types of files)
the problem: I don’t have a computer running iOS so there’s no way for me to have access to Photos+ on it. From there, I don’t know how to set up this 2-way system, do you have any solutions to share with me?
Looking forward guys, have a nice day!
ps* don’t hesitate to tell me if you also encounter problems similar to mine, we are also here to help each other :wink:

We used to offer a direct Google Photos to Photos+ migration tool, but that tool is no longer available. But its super easy to import your Google Photos to Photos+:

1- Use Google Takeout to create a zip file of your Google Photos for all or just the albums your wish to import.

2- Download the zip file to your device and unzip it.

3- Use the Import option on Photos+ to select the albums you wish to import.

We don’t currently offer a windows version of Photos+, but once your photos are stored in your Storj account, you can access them using any number of tools such as Cyberduck, FileZilla, etc.

Thank you the for the feedback. We’re very happy to hear you are finding this app to be very useful.