How to avoid EDITED tag in posts

What determines the Forum God to set EDITED tag on posts?

  • Is it the time spent editing?
  • If yes, than is it cumulated from all editing sessions?
  • Is is the number of characters modified?
  • Is it adding or removing links, pictures, etc?



You are partially correct. Full length answer coming up in 3 … 2 …

Still partially correct.

  1. The post gets “edited” tag when you edit your post after X number of minutes.
  2. This edit can be anything from adding or removing links, pictures or even space. Even if you added a space and removed it, your post will show edited tag.
  3. Clicking “edited” label will show you the edit history.
  4. IMO this also helps stop abuse if someone said something then edited it.

For more information you can google “discourse”. Its the software used for our forum.


So if I accidentaly post a wrong picture, and edit the post after 5 min, the old picture still remains in history and everyone can see it?
Or, if I post some personal data by mistake, like IP, email etc, and after 5 min I remove that info, it still can be retrived by anyone just by clicking EDITED?

Yes that is correct.

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That is somehow a privacy violation according to at least GDPR, and maybe other acts.
Once I click DELETE, I expect that text or picture or link to be removed from the site. I’m expressing my request that the owner of the site to remove that data.
Why keeping deleted data, including private data, on the site? Is it more important to avoid some stupid discussion if someone said something or not? Or is it more important the security and privacy of the users?
You can argue that “if you don’t want to be public, why did you post it?”.
Well, as we’ve seen so often, many users don’t realize that they post personal info like IP or email or node ID, etc, untill someone tells them.
And fat fingers can select wrong pictures on the phone, and maybe there is something in a picture that you don’t want to be public, but you realize after 5 min of posting time.

Anything you ever post is forever public, you can’t take it back.

For example, a scraper like web archive may snatch the page just as you posted it. Indexers may ingest content immediately.

5 minutes grace period is for people like me who can’t write a coherent text from a first go, and to fix typos. After that — it’s important to show if there were changes in the post. Otherwise discussion may become incomprehensible.

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None of this is PII by the way.

But you can submit GDPR request to get your data deleted if you want. Won’t help anything though, scrapers would have already got it.

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There can be some better way to avoid confusing discussions and strenghten user’s privacy. Maybe only the Admin should see the deleted content, and in a dispute, he can show it to the parties interested or give public access to that content. Also the editing time limit should be bigger than 5 min.
I also reread all my posts, correct mistakes and add new info until I make it perfect :blush:, at least from my point of view, but it takes me more than 5 min usualy.

Untill a GDPR request is formulated, sent and processed, at least 1000 people already seen it. And we are talking about IT people, maybe some with hacking skills that know how to proffit. I don’t know about how scrapers work and who has access to them, but I imagine non of us, forum members, has.

Moderators have an ability to hide revisions, however I’m agree with @arrogantrabbit

they usually used to index pages to allow to search them by Google for example. So in short - the indexed content will be visible for everyone, but perhaps not forever.

Did you know Storj provides geolocation of all active storage nodes ?

The Geolocation it’s awful wrong, and that’s a good thing :wink:.
I don’t know if there is a site for geolocation other than, but on there I never found my 9 nodes where they suppose to be, not even in a 50 miles radius.
But if you see the IP posted by mistake, there are services more precise than that.
Anyways, you can argue that all the GDPR rules are useless in practice, but we are forced to abide them.

They are not useless, they just applied only to legacy storage solutions. When you have an encrypted data shredded to dozens pieces and distributed across the world - nobody except you can get an access to your data (unless you share it, of course :slight_smile: ). Even the Satellite Operator with root rights cannot get it, even a metadata is encrypted (thus we have issues, when the customers asks us to delete their data… We forced to explain them that is not possible without having their keys…, thus we asks them to delete their data before we can even proceed…).

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