How to block certain satellites

A friend of mine is running a graceful exit on all satellites possible because their bandwidth cap really couldn’t take Storj. Of course now the challenge is that graceful exit uses quite a bit of bandwidth itself and can’t be stopped/interrupted. So they would like to block saltlake and europe-north-1 from using this node in the mean time.

I noticed this setting in the config.yaml, but I’m not sure what the setting expects. Satellite ID’s? Domains? Domains incl ports? Space separated, comma separated?

# list of trust exclusions
# ""

So is this the correct setting to use for blocking satellites and what format is expected?


As far as I remember sat ID. (Similar to trusted sites)

Thanks for the response. Prior to kademlia being taken out that would have made sense, but it seems more complicated now. Trust works with a remotely hosted list now that looks like this.

So that includes both. If it were my own node I’d just trial and error it, but this isn’t a node I manage, so I prefer to have a little more certainty before I pass it on.

let the friend bring the node to you :wink:

Well, they’re pretty much on the other side of the planet, so that might be a challenge. :wink: Actually, due to the current situation, it’s impossible.

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Just tell them to put allowed amount of data to 0 and there wont be anymore ingress.

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There are satellites from which the full payment is charged. And there are satellites from which 25% will be paid.
I agree with BrightSilence that a tool is needed that will limit the work with new satellites.
We have been with the STORJ team for a year now and I do not want to expect another year before full payments


You can’t say you agree with me on something I didn’t say and wouldn’t agree with. If you blacklist a satellite I assume it will detect your node as offline. Which will eventually lead to disqualification. This is not meant as a tool to block satellites you want to get back to later. I specifically want to use it in this case to stop using the remaining satellites forever.

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the only trick i’m aware of is like deathlesssd suggested…
setting the max node size to 0 or 500gb to avoid ingress while running GE

only other way would be to do that and then run GE on each satellite individually…

tho might be worthwhile to simply pay for an increase in bandwidth cap to get through the GE rather than fail… ofc i’m not aware of a lot of the factors, cost vs benefit calculation

else move it to somewhere without bandwidth cap, could also be a possible tho laborious task most likely, depending on the level to tech savy he is…

or if he has a mobile with some extra monthly data cap he might throw into the mix…
but most likely the easiest option would simply to raise the bandwidth cap, even if it might cut a bit into the profit…

i suppose he could maybe limit his bandwidth… duno exactly how the network would act to that… but the minimum internet is like 25/5 mbit… which is not much… capping the speed to that might make the GE go slower and thus enable it to go into the next month’s bandwidth cap…

anyways a few of my thoughts and views on it, if you didn’t find a solution…
maybe something of it will be of use.