How to bridge Storj token from zksync ERA to zksync lite or Ethereum

Any way to bridge Storj token from zksync era to other chain ?

You can navigate to their offering:

there are ways to switch the chain.

it’s a dead end form me - what’s the point to use Era? except of that illiquid community pool, I don’t see any reasonable swap options (to stablecoins or to ETH). It’s hard to do anything with the STORJ token.

at zk-sync lite I could at least use the zigzag echange

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I solved it, I bridge the Storj token directly to a CEX by paying a very low fee ($0.50), the only problem is the transaction is finalized in 24 hours

@fdigennaro which cex was that? the two I used work with Era and ETH, but not with tokens

Simply withdraw your storj token on Era to you deposit storj address (ETH) on Binance CEX, using txSync portal.
Very low fee but 24 hours to receive transactions.


Just wanted to share my experience with zkSync Era.

Got my first storj payment to zkSync Era, had no ETH to pay for transaction fees.
Sent ETH from Binance via zkSync Era to my zkSync Era wallet, transaction fee was around $1 or so, ETH arrived in about 5 mins.

Then using MetaMask wallet sent Storj to Binance using zkSync Era. Fee was around $1 in ETH, transaction took ~24 hours.

Add zkSync Era to MetaMask, go to, select bridge from the menu, select Storj token, put destination address of Binance deposit address for Storj.
Wait for 24 hours and all done.

Low total fees, but have to wait, which is not a big deal in my case.

Hope it helps.