How to check my speed to satelite or ping to satelite

As i have lot of content canseled, i would like to check my node speed.
How can i do this? I have 100/100 Mbit connection, this cant be problem, i get on speedtest 1ms ping from Finland. But i think satelits are all over the world, how can i check speed to satelite?
Does All data go thow satelit, or it go directly p2p from klient to nodes?
How satelite check that file is writen? does it check that file on HDD or as it on cash then it is ok
I have WD surviliance HDD, they are slower than usual 5400rpm, but more reliable.
Is there may be some test software how can be tested my node speed?

You got data not from a satellite but from customers of that satellite. The satellite just an address book, where each node is. It just select a requested number of nodes to the uplink (client to access the network).
The speed in this case is important between your node and the customer. So, if you want to win this race you should be near the customer and have a fast storage (your node compete with 130 other nodes), not only the fast channel.
You can’t be close to each customer, so your node will loose the race from time to time, this is normal.

However, if you uses a network storage or an external disk, your node have much less chances to win the race.

Dont use Network storage, i use I5 processor 8 GB ram and Local HDD 5tk on stanned mode together.
Ass my HDD id 5400rpm this can be botle neck.
For very fast writing striped volume, but it is not fault tolerant att all.
Best way is use mirror and after stripe of mirror but i will loose half of space. from 16TB to 8 only.

If it is a local disk, your latency should be fine.
You can try to play with concurrency parameter, if you doesn’t have rejected requests: