How to configure Duplicati backups on Storj

How to configure Duplicati backups on Storj

I wanted to store some backups made with duplicati on Storj, so I created a bucket in my storj account, then created an access grant for that bucket (propmting the bucket passphrase when he asked for a passphrase) and finally tried to configure Duplicati to use that location for backups, but when I run the connection test I get the following error

Failed to connect: The type initializer for 'uplink.SWIG.storj_uplinkPINVOKE' threw an exception.

This happens both if I choose the Access Grant authentication method (which seems the more reasonable one to me) and if I choose the API Key one.

What am I doing wrong? and how can I configure it correctly?

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Have you read the documentation ?

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Yes but, ad explained in my first post, I followed those steps and I don’t know why I get that errore…

What’s version of Duplicati?
I checked, it works on Duplicati -

I was using the :latest version from (which should correspond to the beta one) and now I tried to switch to their :development version (which correspond to the canary one but with the same results :frowning:

I used this one:

docker pull duplicati/duplicati
Using default tag: latest
latest: Pulling from duplicati/duplicati
Digest: sha256:22f5231c3a36979750d10bc8df7fbbb7b112c9fca76d85288fa8e90afb6c9635
Status: Image is up to date for duplicati/duplicati:latest

Could it be possible, that you have an outbound rules in your firewall? Because native integration uses p2p connections to many nodes across the globe with different IPs and ports. There is no “standard” port or address.
So, if you have such rules, please either disable them or create another one to allow any outgoing connections from your server to any host and port.

It seems to be a problem with container image…
I tried with the official one (that I wasn’t aware of because I was following an older YT tutorial) and it works properly

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