How to configure Storj using SMR drives

I am having problems with SMR drives as it is not fast enough to write to. Which means that my RAM is being fully used use up, then swap is being fully used up, and then my node crashes. What do I do?

How do you know this is due to your drive being too slow? It seems unlikely, as if the transfer is that slow it would be dropped in favor of faster nodes. Also, files are typically small in size and should not back up in your cache and RAM, etc. At least not in a normal configuration. I use USB mechanical drives on some nodes without any issues.

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I’ll refer you to my original post to show you what I’m taking about: Memory Leak when running Storj Node - #8 by Toyoo

My bad use this link: Memory Leak when running Storj Node

2 of my nodes have SMR drives and both do not run out of ram.

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This is actually one of the solutions for SMR disks - run more than one node (each on its own HDD), this will distribute the load, giving respite to slow SMR. :slight_smile: