How to confirm running config settings for GE (graceful exit)?

Hi all: I’ve already searched all the forum posts I can find on this topic.

I’ve initiated graceful exit already, 3 of 5 satellites already completed, but saltlake was the largest so is moving slow. I have reason to believe the settings changes I made in config.yaml are not being read by the node (docker on Linux). How can I check the settings that the node is currently running on?

For example, I have the following line in config.yaml

graceful-exit.num-workers: 6

But only 4 satellites showed movement until one got completed.

Of course, this makes me think that the “graceful-exit.num-concurrent-transfers” setting is being ignored also, which I can definitely raise as it’s a brawny server.

Some forum answers have suggested passing the settings as environment variables via the Docker run command, but I didn’t see any examples of how to pass these lower-case, multi-word config.yaml settings that way, only the standard uppercase variable names for WALLET and STORAGE and the like.

TIA for any assistance.

Neglected to add: Yes, I’ve stopped the container and used “docker rm” to remove the running image and restarted, many times. It still doesn’t seem to read the config.yaml changes (and I removed the leading # to un-comment).

My understanding is that all Node options (found in the yaml) can be passed to the docker command used to start the node, but they have to:

  • be passed after the docker image
  • be prefixed with --

For instance, for redirecting logs to a file, you would do this:

docker run -d --restart unless-stopped \
	-p [...]:28967 \
	-p [...]:14002 \
	-e WALLET=0x[...] \
	-e EMAIL=[...]@[...].com \
	-e ADDRESS=[...]:[...] \
	-e STORAGE=1800GB \
	--mount type=bind,source=/[...]/identities/storj_node_1,destination=/app/identity \
	--mount type=bind,source=/[...]/mounts/storj_node_1,destination=/app/config \
	--mount type=bind,source=/[...]/logs/storj_node_1,destination=/var/log \
	--name storj_node_1 \
	storjlabs/storagenode:latest \

All parameters before storjlabs/storagenode:latest \ are docker options and if I understand correctly what you’re interested in are parameters after this which are node options, as illustrated in the example above with --log.output for redirecting logs.